What is the Chemo bag


“Chemo To Go, Please 1.0” was a codesign project conducted in partnership with Rigshospitalet and Odense University Hospital, which aims to improve the experience of home chemotherapy treatment for leukemia patients. Home chemotherapy is a new form of treatment that allows leukemia patients to take their chemo “to go”, instead of staying at the hospital.  The original chemo bag couldn’t be washed or reused, was an eyesore and didn’t meet the hospital’s needs for hygiene and safety. Throughout this process we gained insights from the project’s stakeholders, thereby enabling a comprehensive understanding of the problem from both the patient’s and the hospital’s side. These findings informed our re-design of the chemo bag along with a collection of insights and inspiration for the future implementation of home treatment, a treatment form which is soon to be employed in hospitals throughout Denmark. These collected insights were so fruitful that we could design more than a chemo bag with them (Aagaard et al., 2016). Therefore we decided to expand the project to “Chemo to go, please! 2.0”. Also the fact that we had built trust with the key actors who had been implementing the home chemotherapy gives us a valuable asset for taking a broader and even more holistic look at home chemotherapy. We have gotten the opportunity to dig further into this implemented treatment by critically investigating present everyday practices and redesigning the probably most important touchpoint in the journey, the one room where health professionals and patients/relatives meet, called Hjemmeenheden, where patients and perhaps their relatives) wait, are taught how the treatment works, take their blood samples, take their blood pressure, measure their weight and interact with the medical staff (Copenhagen Health Cluster, 2015). We will go into depth with Hjemmeenheden moving into the room as co-designers to observe, prototype and create dialogue with both patients, relatives and the medical staff. But first, let’s begin with an overall understanding of the treatment.

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