What is Hjemmeenheden?


As the “to go” treatment involves regular ambulatory visits, which is around every third day at the hospitals (Copenhagen Health Cluster, 2015), there is need for a room that caters to those that don’t fit in the hospitalized or the traditional outpatient clinics. The hospital calls this new group semi-ambulatory patients, the patients that:

“fall between two chairs”

as Rigshospitalets chef of innovation, Peter Aagaard Nielsen, puts it.

During the “Chemo to go please 1.0” project, we observed and interacted with patients and nurses at Odense University Hospital. It became clear that Hjemmeenheden (at Righshospitalet and other hospitals) is multifunctional in the sense that many different activities take place within it simultaneously (Aagaard et al., 2016). Hjemmeenheden is a treatment room, a consultation room, a waiting room, a room for education, a social room when you have guests and a relaxing room at night time for the hospitalized patients. Thus the furnishing and equipment of Hjemmeenheden has to accommodate many different needs for different people. Rigshospitalet has made a room, hjemmeenheden, ready for this treatment group. We will move into Hjemmeenheden and explore what needs this touchpoint should cater to as being multifunctional.  

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