What is home treatment?

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Home chemotherapy has been developed by the nurse Katrine Fridthjof, who won 6 months from “IdéRiget” to develop and implement her idea at Rigshospitalet. Home chemotherapy is a new form of treatment that allows patients to have their chemo “to go”, instead of staying at the hospital. The treatment consists of an IV bag attached to an infusion pump, which is housed in a wearable “chemo bag” that the patient takes home. The length of each treatment is individual depending on the patient’s specific diagnosis but usually varies from a few hours to eleven days.

Rigshospitalet is implementing home treatment in the leukemia department where the project started. This treatment has reduced the cost of 515 days in a hospital bed, which had a cost of 6000kr per day. At present, they have had 100 patients undergo the new treatment (Copenhagen Health Cluster, 2015).

Research has shown that when patients are enrolled in home treatment they are more active throughout the day. For instance, they exercise more, see friends and family, catch fewer infections, eat more and sleep better – all of which leads to a quicker recovery. Thus home treated patients leaves hospital beds available for more critically ill patients, which there probably will be a huge demand for with the rising elderly population (Copenhagen Health Cluster, 2015). Home chemotherapy is now being implemented at Herlev, Odense and Roskilde and soon in Aarhus and Aalborg hospitals.

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