Moving In


   “When designers work as facilitators rather than detached observers, the last remnants of the idea that researchers ought to be detached, impartial observers— “flies on the wall” — disappear. What comes about is the idea that design is supposed to be an exploration people do together, and the design process should reflect that” (Zimmerman et al.,  2011:83)

It is important for us as codesigners to get involved and become part of the environment we are designing for. So we moved into the department of hematology at Rishopitalet. Welcome to our new home. We will try not to be two annoying little sisters but become part of the herd as best as possible. We will explore different ways of asking questions and different places to work.

webIMG_1458IMG_1356IMG_1355In the field




Zimmerman, J. Binder, T. Redstrom, J. Wensveen, S. (2011). Design Research Through Practice: From the Lab, Field, and Showroom. Elsevier. p. 69-84.

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