Finding a name


During our initial field studies we found that both patients and medical staff at Rigshospitalet found the name Hjemmeenheden quite misleading. 

“Come on, its not like being at home here” – Nurse

Therefore our first workshop with, and requested by, the medical staff, is to find a new name for Hjemmeenheden through the use of idea generative methods. This workshop will aim to have a very concrete and manageable outcome, but many of the exercises will involve mapping a common understanding of what Hjemmeenheden should be. The medical staff representatives for our workshop is Katrine (The nurse behind inventing and implementing home chemotherapy in the hematology department), Lone (Head of the hematology department), Rannvá (Nurse at the hematology department) and Sara.   




We started mapping the nurses work tasks in the room and exploring the type of experience, inspired by Pine and Gilmore’s experience graph (1999). This lead to exploring words that framed the rooms activities.




Creative word combinations evolved:

Tilhørstedet, pumpeværket, pusterummet, let to-go, hovedbanegården, smørhullet, fast track nemt…

The workshop ended at:

Could we call it ‘Mellemrummet‘?



So now its all about involving the patients with our insights.

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