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The Medico Bazar, is an initiative that seeks to create dialogue and to share ideas by bringing researchers, clinicians, entrepreneures, companies, investors together. We were there to help the innovation initiative IdéRiget from Rigshospitalet, to be seen an noticed by people that somehow could ad to the platform. The head of IdéRiget Peter Aagaard was there to network with everyone coming by and to present the four idea winners included nurse Katrine Fridthjof to tell about her innovation project, which for Katrine was her idea of creating a treatment that allows the leukemia patients to receive their chemo at home. We were there to tell about Chemo to go, please, and people were lucky very enthusiastic about our project.We prepared an workshop and an interactive game, where everyone could come and share their idea with Rigshospitalets IdéRiget, on a “Idea wall” and on a Instagram that we created for IdéRiget you can have a look of some of the great ideas here:

At the workshop we had gathered people with different background to share their ideas and let others develop upon them. They had to put their ideas around the phrase:

“If my hospital visit should be even better, then there should be….”

….better possibility for light, fresh air and an access for the world to come to me.

-Marie, Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster 

…Focus on the hole human being, not only focus on the medicin, but also exercise, food and psychology.

-Sara, Væksthus Hovedstadregionen

…furnish the bedrooms as living rooms, with moveable walls to create a more intimate and better seperation in the room.

…a bed could be attached to your bed, so your love could sleep next to you sometimes..”

We had handpicked some some of the ideas worth spreading, but the hole bazar was full of good ideas and people who loved to share theirs with others. It was a great experience and we are sure that a IdéRiget 2 will happen somehow- it’s too good an idea not to do it again!

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