Work life lab – Dansic16


Today we are at a social innovation conference: Work Life Lab by Dansic16. This year the focus is handling stress in the future, where we are on the team exploring space.

The traditional way of designing is influenced by functionalism which is shown in cities and workspaces. It has shown that when we design a room and only focus on the functions it can have negative consequences for our wellbeing. That is way dansic16 is focusing on how we can design spaces that boozed our wellbeing and lower the level of stress. What will happen if we made human centered design?

So what where the key points that we were left with after the conference:

  • After the “simulation under pressure” presentation we were inspired to use simulation in testing and exploring the nurses workflow in the room. We imagine creating a typical treatment scenario in the room and then surprising the flow with possible challenges or problems. This could be a patient that suddenly becomes very weak, or a nosebleed that wont stop, or no blue gloves left.
  • What releases stress is unpredictable and uncertainty in ones self. Which relates to the patients worries: “Whats going to happen?” and “Is this the room i should be in?”.
  • Being able to see the door out of a room calms people because of our instinct to flee if we are pressured.
  • Architect Lars Brorson Fich found that rounded edges calmed people, especially ceiling and wall corners.
  • In the coffee break we enjoyed the spring sun and our gift bags, this made us idea generate on how we could disguise a cultural prove in an easter egg present.
  • We meet amazing people that we would love to involve in the project. Among those where architect Lene Slot that designs for particularly sensitive people.
  • And we where introduced to similar project that we could take inspiration from. Here Realdania’s project designing consultation rooms for Kræftens Bekæmpelse and Rune Fjords designs to change spaces to change behavior.



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