The Eatable Probe

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This easter we handed out a cultural probe disguised in Oialla’s 78% ecological dark chocolate.   

In codesign we use cultural probes to engage participants in the topic of research, in our case creating ‘homeliness’ at the hospital. We have throughout our research found the lack and want for homeliness to enter the hospital from medical staff, patients, relative and multiple papers on architecture and design of the health sector.

Through visual images from our participants, medical staff, patients and relative at the leukaemia department at Rigshospitalet, we wanted to create empathy and gain understanding of the environment they would call ‘homeliness’

“We wanted to lead a discussion with the group toward unexpected ideas” (Gaver, Dunne and Pacenti, 1999:22)

The main purpose of cultural probes is creating a source of information for the designers to get inspired in the early stages of the design process. This method is to open a design space rather than narrowing it down. Participants are prompted or provoked into selecting and reflecting about what they find puzzling or important.


Here you can see what was uploaded till now.

IMG_1902editMany of the elements that are represented in the pictures above are coherent with the interviews that we have had the last 2 months. Which we mapped.

But one thing that stands out is flowers. So lets explore that more…


Gaver, B., Dunne, T. and Pacenti, E. (1999). Design: Cultural probes. interactions, 6(1), pp.21-29.

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