Grouping of insight


Throughout the last two moths we have had dusins of interviews, formal as well as informal, with patients waiting for blod results or consultation, nurses in the lunchbreaks, longer dialogues when the staff dropped by our room to chat, introduced to relatives in the hallway etc. All of these amazing and valuable insights where divided in two heads, shared and discussed on our daily bikeride together on our way home from the hospital.


This needed to be structured! Inspired by Jiro Kawakita’s Affinity digram also known as the KJ method we sorted the data into groups, based on their natural relationships for review and analysis. By natural it means not to force the quotes into themes but let the quotes form a theme.

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Many of the themes that emerged were not surprising, as homeliness, bacteria issues, waiting time. They were themes we already had referred to on our bikeride discussions. But there also emerged themes we had not connected as: the feeling of sudden sickness, not feeling deadly ill, and the longest list of them all was food. Food was a topic that everybody talked about and often multiple times, mostly not in a positive tone. There were also topics that had different views on the same issue like: the feeling of living in central station. The phrase ‘central station’ came positively to the table when exploring what the room should be names in the first workshop. They saw it as a positive word that reflected affectedness and tempo. Whereas the patients mentioned this word describing the negative feeling of not finding peace and calmness in the department.

We ended up with 34 themes that we divided into 6 overall themes, that became the basis of our workshop 2: exploring the room.



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