Bringing the home into the hospital


How do we get the home more into the hospital? We wanted to find out!

Therefore we tried to decorate the treatment room, as if we were inviting friends to our home for cake and coffee. We brought our own balls, napkins, table-cloths, vase for flowers etc. to create a homy feeling.. Then we invited our nurses at the department for a cup of coffee and some sweet for the tooth together with insights from patients.
We started out asking the nurses to close their eyes and concentrate on their senses. We made them listening to the sounds in the room, noticing the smells, and how it felt to sit in the chair.. By doing this we created a focussed atmosphere. We also introduced them to how is is to be a patient, were all your senses are very awake..
Then we jumped into all the insights from patients, we had gathered throughout the process. Using the KJ method, we choosed the most relevant quotes and printed them out on colored paper and hanged them down from the sealing, like a curtain of voices.. The nurses were ask to read all of them and choose one that they find particularly interesting. Then they explain the others why they found it interesting to make sure that this voice is being heard in the interior design… It was very fruitful to have their perspective on what was the most important. Like reflecting upon “What is a private question?” , because in the eyes of a nurse a question about if they had eaten anything last night, would seem like a normal question to ask in public, can for some patients be a very private question. Because they could blame themself and feel ashamed about not finding the appetite to eat, when they know it will help them getting better…
Then it was time to enact the treatment situation. The department nurse Lone agreed to act the patient, the project nurse katrine played the relative and the nurse Ranvá were playing herself. The nurse Anne, had a special role seeing everything from out side. She had 2 obstacles that she could throw on the players, to change the scenario in an other direction. Everyone else in the room had one obstacle each that they could trow into the play at anytime… By observing the hole treatment process with all the obstacles that appeared, we found out that there was so any machines, objects, seating and moving positions that needed to be taken into consideration when designing the interior fittings.
We are so blessed, having so many enthusiastic and professional people around us!

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