• Initial work
  • What is the Chemo bag


    “Chemo To Go, Please 1.0” was a codesign project conducted in partnership with Rigshospitalet and Odense University Hospital, which aims to improve the experience of home chemotherapy treatment for leukemia patients. Home chemotherapy is a new form of treatment that allows leukemia patients to take their chemo “to go”, instead of staying at the hospital. […]

  • Initial work
  • Where did it all start?

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    On an early december morning in 2015 the staff room of the hematology department at Rigshospitalet, nurses and doctors from Rigshospitalet, Odense University Hospital and a product designer and pharmaceut from Smith Medical were gathered to participate in a workshop arranged by us, the codesign team behind the project, “Chemo to go, please (1.0)” (Aagaard […]