• Interview
  • Psychological warmth


    Morten is the type that uses his words with caution and thoughtfulness, but he also expects the world around him to treat him and his life with the same affection. There was no doubt that this elegant and calm man, that immediately filled the room with a tranquil atmosphere, was filled with passion and opinions. […]

  • Bazar
  • Medico Bazar


    The Medico Bazar, is an initiative that seeks to create dialogue and to share ideas by bringing researchers, clinicians, entrepreneures, companies, investors together. We were there to help the innovation initiative IdéRiget from Rigshospitalet, to be seen an noticed by people that somehow could ad to the platform. The head of IdéRiget Peter Aagaard was […]

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  • Finding a name


    During our initial field studies we found that both patients and medical staff at Rigshospitalet found the name Hjemmeenheden quite misleading.  “Come on, its not like being at home here” – Nurse Therefore our first workshop with, and requested by, the medical staff, is to find a new name for Hjemmeenheden through the use of idea generative […]

  • Award
  • Danish Design Award


    We got shortlisted to the Danish Design Award 2016 in the category “Visionary Award” and “Young Talent Award” This is what we delivered: A box with the chemo bag, a book about our process, a USB with podcast, films and pictures and of course businesscards with our webpage to the amazing team of  jury members. […]

  • In the field
  • Moving In


       “When designers work as facilitators rather than detached observers, the last remnants of the idea that researchers ought to be detached, impartial observers— “flies on the wall” — disappear. What comes about is the idea that design is supposed to be an exploration people do together, and the design process should reflect that” (Zimmerman […]

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  • What is home treatment?

    lone bag

    Home chemotherapy has been developed by the nurse Katrine Fridthjof, who won 6 months from “IdéRiget” to develop and implement her idea at Rigshospitalet. Home chemotherapy is a new form of treatment that allows patients to have their chemo “to go”, instead of staying at the hospital. The treatment consists of an IV bag attached […]

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  • What is Hjemmeenheden?


    As the “to go” treatment involves regular ambulatory visits, which is around every third day at the hospitals (Copenhagen Health Cluster, 2015), there is need for a room that caters to those that don’t fit in the hospitalized or the traditional outpatient clinics. The hospital calls this new group semi-ambulatory patients, the patients that: “fall […]